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Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Bernd Stauss Forschung für Service, Konsumentenverhalten und Marketing


Die internationale Ausgabe des Standardwerks "Beschwerdemanagement" ist in zweiter Auflage erschienen.

"Effective Complaint Management - The Business Case for Customer Satisfaction" 

This practice- and research-based book caters to the needs of execiutive managers who see customer satisfaction as their primary goal. The authors identify the need for an effective complaint management strategy that prevents the loss of dissatisfied customers. Dissatisfied customers are at risk of migrating; accordingly, negleceting professional complaint management poses a considerable threat to customer relationships, sales and profits.

The book offers a comprehensive concept, which emphjasizes direct contact with the complainant by employing complaint stimulation, acceptance, processing and reaction. Further it discusses the relevant 'backstage' tasks involved in using complaint information to achieve quality improvements and cost reductions through complaint evaluation, controlling and reporting. 




ISBN 978-3-319-98704-0


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ISBN 978-3-319-98705-7


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